Our Story

     As a young boy I remember anxiously waiting by the mailbox for the post to be delivered. I would open the hatch of that old gray door hoping something magical was waiting. 

A postcard. 

Not just any postcard, it was one that held hope and adventure, wrapped around a majestic destination. Each word on the inside painted a picture of new horizons, tantalizing cultures, delicious cuisines, and landscapes only seen in a Hollywood film. 

My grandparents sold their home after retirement. They packed up and sold most of their belongings, purchased a “5th Wheel” travel trailer, and hit the open road for over 17 years. 

My grandparents would share stories from their adventures and how their lives were positively changing along the way. The end of each story concluded with the simple phrase, “Safe Travels".

Those two words stayed with me into adulthood as I began my journey across this planet's beautiful landscape. 

Something special happens when you hit the open road; there is a transformation that takes place within. Transformation is the strongest evidence of why travelling is important.

The phrase “Safe Travels” continued to follow me as I would meet new people, visit old friends, and adventure outside my own comfort zone on the road. Our brand was created with a passion & energy that comes from the power of traveling.


-Cody Hennings, Founder